Current Courses

All courses listed below count toward the

African and African American studies minor and/or graduate certificate.

For the most current listing of semester courses,

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course schedule

Spring 2023

AAAS 200, Intro to AAAS, TBA

AAAS 600, AF & AFAM Studies Colloquium, Jeffrey Fleisher

ANTH 312, The Archaeology of Africa, Mary Prendergast

ANTH 316, Black Decolonial Feminisms, Amarilys Estrella

FREN 414, Sex & Race- French Atlantic, Jacqueline Couti

FWIS 181, African American Graphic Novel, David Messmer

HART 306, Black Citational Practices, Olivia Young

HIST 111, Race In Early America, James Sidbury

HIST 223, History of Modern Africa, Daniel Domingues

RELI 270, Intro Black Church In The US, Nathanael Homewood

RELI 348, Christianity & Islam In Africa, Elias Bongmba & David Cook

RELI 393, Mutants & Mystics, Jeffrey Kripal

SOCI 305, Race, Space, Place, Shani Evans

SOCI 414, Critical Race Theory, Tony Brown

SWGS 247, Sex, Race, & The CityBrian Riedel

Fall 2023

EDUC 304, Race, Class, Gender in Education, Shelah Crear

FREN 478, The Caribbean in French, Linsey Sainte-Claire

FWIS 181, African American Graphic Novel, David Messmer

HART 204, Black Art in America, Olivia Young

HART 366, Radical Black Thought in Art, Olivia Young

HIST 237, Radicals in the Americas, Laura Correa Ochoa

HIST 354, Race and Ethnicity in Latin America, Laura Correa Ochoa

POLI 341, Race and the Law in the U.S., David Leebron

RELI 111, Intro to African Religions, Elias Bongmba

RELI 328, Religion & Global Poverty, Elias Bongmba

SOCI 309, Race & Ethnic Relations, Craig Considine

SOCI 389, Race, Gender, Class in Film, Jennifer Bratter