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How does race figure into the history of the United States and its relationship to global developments? What is the place of race in national conversations?  What is the relationship of race to challenges facing our democracy?  How is health and access to medical intervention impacted by racial difference?  How does race inform economic well-being?  How does race impact and inform the future of the United States?  Culture wars, knowledge of our national history, the impact of the COVID pandemic, participation in the democratic process, and the economic well-being of a diverse citizenry demand attention to these urgent questions confronting us. The Center for African and African American Studies provides an important space for faculty and students to wrestle with these issues—helping Rice play a significant role in nation-shaping conversations.

Your gift allows the center to provide an increasingly robust and public-facing curriculum that prepares students to enter public life with a productive understanding of race, and with the ability to envision and develop new paths toward justice. In addition, your support helps center affiliated faculty produce cutting-edge research that offers important interventions.

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